Thursday, May 15, 2014

Post KCC report!

Sketching for the kid's on the back of my "Merle Squirrel" preview.
The crowd at KCC 8!
 This past weekend I had the pleasure of exhibiting my work at Kid's Comic Con 8 which took place at Bronx Community College. KCC is a great show that  produces an all-ages, family oriented comic convention where attendee's can not only meet and talk with artist's up close but can also participate in different games and events.

The KCC exclusive "Merle Squirrel" preview. available only at Kid's Comic Con 8
All in all I had a BLAST sketching for the kids and handing out a free preview of my upcoming comic "Merle Squirrel". KCC is a fantastic show run by fantastic people that comes with my highest recommendation. If you've never attended make sure you do so next year!

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