Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Post 24 Hour Comic Day Report

Last weekend was 24 Hour Comic day, where I had to create a full 24 page comic in 24 hours. Fellow artist Daniel Ramirez and myself were drawing out of New Moon Comics in Little Falls NJ. I'm sad to report that I did NOT complete the 24 pages. I was up to page 8 by 7am, so I knew I wouldn't get it done in time so I opted to create a finish for the story. It came out pretty freakin cool. All in all i completed 10 pages. I should be mailing out my submission some time this week. For now check out New Moon Comics blog for pics of the event http://www.newmooncomics.blogspot.com/

Pictured above is the unlettered art for page one of my submission & a shot of Daniel and myself going insane from BAWLS, Pepsi & Inhaling Sharpie fumes. I wound up being awake for 37 hours. It was a great experience that I would never agree to do again.

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