Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Old School Is The Only Way!"

This is a piece I did for Canadian Wrestler "Super Tramp". Check out his website at for more info on his career. Pencils and Inks by me, Colors & Lettering by Daniel Ramirez of Coqui Jams.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Post 24 Hour Comic Day Report

Last weekend was 24 Hour Comic day, where I had to create a full 24 page comic in 24 hours. Fellow artist Daniel Ramirez and myself were drawing out of New Moon Comics in Little Falls NJ. I'm sad to report that I did NOT complete the 24 pages. I was up to page 8 by 7am, so I knew I wouldn't get it done in time so I opted to create a finish for the story. It came out pretty freakin cool. All in all i completed 10 pages. I should be mailing out my submission some time this week. For now check out New Moon Comics blog for pics of the event

Pictured above is the unlettered art for page one of my submission & a shot of Daniel and myself going insane from BAWLS, Pepsi & Inhaling Sharpie fumes. I wound up being awake for 37 hours. It was a great experience that I would never agree to do again.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

24 Hour Comic Day

This Saturday, October 18th is 24 Hour Comic Day.Where Creators from around the world will gather to complete a 24 page Comic Book in 24 hours! Usually a Comic takes about a month to complete but we're 5 short of a 6 pack and looking to do it in ONE DAY! Daniel Ramirez of Coqui Jams & Myself will be participating in this years 24 Hour Comic Day.We will be drawing at NEW MOON COMICS in Short Hills New Jersey, If you around the area stop by and say hi while we draw ourselves Insane!!! For more information visit the New Moon website at www. newmooncomics. com New Moon Comics 463 Main Street 1R Little Falls, NJ 07424-1150 The official 24 Hour Comic Day website www. 24hourcomicsday. com

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Player UNO

This is a T-shirt design that I did with Kieth Betancourt of Ignite Studio for Player Uno, A Independent Pro Wrestler. Pencils & Inks are by me, Digital colors & Lettering by Kieth Betancourt.

ROCKFEST: Battle Of The Bands

This is a concert poster I did with Kieth Betancourt of Ignite Studio for the Christian Rock Concert "ROCKFEST": Battle Of The Bands. Check out the pic for details on the show.


Pencil on Bristol.

Monday, August 11, 2008

CHIKARA Pro's Season 7 Volume 3 Comic Book

THE WAIT IS OVER!! The new CHIKARA Pro comic book is now available for purchase with a sweet Pin-Up by myself and Keith "NCR" Betancourt! Head on over to to purchase the Comic "Season 7 Volume 3". IT'S ONLY $5!!! IT'S A LIMITED PRINT RUN! IT'S PRO WRESTLING! IT'S A COMIC! IT'S A COMIC ABOUT PRO WRESTLING! DO IT!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Shadow

A sketch I did today of the Pulp hero "The Shadow".

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dog Saint

This is a Pin-Up i did for Eric Merced's Comic "Dog Saint". Eric Liked it so much he decided he would like to use it as a cover for a future issue of DS. Check out Eric's awesome art over at his Art Blog -

Queen Of The Harpies

This is a character that will be featured in a book i plan to do in the near future.

Sample Page

This is a Sample page I worked on for story telling purposes.

Misc Robot Design

This is a Robot that i designed for a Submission to a Markosia Title. Pencils and Inks by me.

CHIKARA PRO DVD Cover: Sordid Perils Of Everyday Existance

This is the first collaboration between Myself & Daniel Ramirez. It is the DVD cover for CHIKARA PRO's "Sordid Perils Of Everyday Existence" show. Pencils & Inks were done by me and lettering and colors by Daniel Ramirez.

CHIKARA PRO DVD Cover: King Of Trios 2008 Night #1

This is a DVD cover for independent wrestling promotion CHIKARA PRO's 3 man tag tournament the "King Of Trios". Pencils and Inks were done by me and the lettering and Colors were done by Daniel Ramirez.

Monday, July 7, 2008

CHIKARA Pro Yearbook Pin-Up

I've had the pleasure of drawing for the independent Wrestling promotion CHIKARA Pro on a few occasions. About two weeks ago i received a E-mail from CHIKARA's "Director of Fun" Leonard F. Chikarason asking if i could kick in a Pin-Up for their Yearbook. I jumped at the chance a came up with the piece shown above. The Pencils and Inks are done by me and the Digital Colors & effects were done by my good friend Keith Betancourt.